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Section Tables With Timeline

Call To Actions With Text And Buttons

Card Statement

Button Outline

Component from Soft UI Dashboard Tailwind Builder
<button type="button" class="inline-block px-6 py-3 mr-3 font-bold text-center uppercase align-middle transition-all bg-transparent border rounded-lg cursor-pointer border-fuchsia-500 leading-pro text-xs ease-soft-in tracking-tight-soft shadow-soft-md bg-150 bg-x-25 hover:scale-102 active:opacity-85 hover:shadow-soft-xs text-fuchsia-500 mb-4 draggable">Button</button>

Input With Icon


Component from Chakra UI Dashboard Builder
<Text data-type='Text' fontSize='md'>(md) In love with React & Next</Text>
Requires JavaScript

Stats Section With Title And Description

Sidebar Documentation

Component from Argon Dashboard Builder

Http Code With Title Description Button And Image


Component from Soft UI Dashboard Tailwind Builder
<div class="w-full mb-4 draggable">
  <div class="flex mb-2">
    <span class="mr-2 font-semibold leading-normal capitalize text-sm">default progress</span>
    <span class="ml-auto font-semibold leading-normal text-sm">50%</span>
    <div class="h-0.75 text-xs flex overflow-visible rounded-lg bg-gray-200">
      <div class="bg-fuchsia-500 w-1/2 transition-width duration-600 ease-soft rounded-1 -mt-0.38 -ml-px flex h-1.5 flex-col justify-center overflow-hidden whitespace-nowrap text-center text-white"></div>