Loopple Changelog

Find out the latest releases and changes made on Loopple


New tool available

  • We just added a new tool: CSS to Tailwind Converter. Check it here.


Add option to duplicate projects

  • Now, project duplication is at your fingertips within your project files. Explore it here.


Motion - Tailwind CSS Landing Library Builder

  • Introducing the Motion Landing Library for Tailwind CSS: Your Ultimate Design Companion Elevate your web design game with the Motion Landing Library, a powerhouse of over 50 meticulously crafted components designed to supercharge your Tailwind CSS projects. Check it here.


Builder Update

  • Fix add new pages issues
  • Addressing page addition problems and resolving cases of duplicate and empty page names


Builder Update


Builder Update

  • The undo changes feature is now live!
  • Users now have the convenient option to effortlessly undo or redo changes. This feature empowers users with the ability to rectify inadvertent deletions or unintended modifications. Consequently, users can confidently navigate through the application, assured that any undesired changes can be promptly reverted.
  • Currrently this feature is available on all our Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap themes.
  • See how it works here:
  • link-buttons


Website Update

  • Bug fixes for the code editor.


New Tailwind CSS Theme

  • Access builder based on Riva Dashboard Design for Tailwind by Loopple - Designed for those who like bold elements and beautiful websites. Check it here.


Builder Update

  • We just added link buttons to diffrent pages (available in Bootstrap and Tailwind products)
  • See how it works here:
  • link-buttons


Builder Update

  • Fix Tailwind CSS Sidebar and Navbar select overlay
  • Refine the functionality of the builder element to ensure smooth up/down movement
  • Implement various bug fixes to enhance overall performance and user satisfaction


Builder Update

  • From now on, it is much easier to work with our builder by adding our new feature: classes autocomplete.
  • You have the possibility to use classes suggestions so you can easily edit your components (availalble in all our Tailwind and Bootstrap themes). See how it works in below video:
  • classes-autocomplete
  • Update Tailwind themes download structure:
  • Added package.json, tailwind.config.js and a new Readme.md.
  • You now have the following commands available in your new project:
    Install dependencies npm install
    Start the development server
    with live preview using Browsersync
    npm run browsersync
    Compile Tailwind CSS npm run build
    Compile Tailwind CSS minified npm run build-minify


Website Update

  • We just added the components page - the place where you can see all the components available in Loopple.
  • See the page here.


React Builder

  • We added the multiple pages possibility in our existing Chakra UI Builder. You can now create 2 pages on the free plan and unlimited pages on the PRO plan.
  • All React templates now come with routing and a 404 default page.


Tailwind CSS & Bootstrap Builder

  • Now you can generate text ideas using our new tool: 'AI Help'. See a short demo here:
  • loopple-ai-text-generator
  • Fix builder editable elements hover.
  • General bug fixes.


Tailwind CSS & Bootstrap Dashboard Builder

  • Now you have the option to change the navbar and sidebar code. See a short demo here:
  • sites-change-text


React Dashboard Builder

  • Added "Export Code" to CodeSandbox option


React Dashboard Builder

  • New components added inside Chakra UI Dashboard Builder:
  • Card project: including new Avatar Group component
  • Card post: including new Button Icon components
  • Avatar Group


React Dashboard Builder

  • New components added inside Chakra UI Dashboard Builder:
  • Buttons with icons (right | left)
  • You can configure:
  • Color: 16 variations
  • Icon: 58 variations
  • Text


React Dashboard Builder

  • Just added the avatar with an image component inside our Chakra UI Dashboard Builder. You can now simply edit:
  • Avatar size: 2xs | xs | sm | md | lg | xl | 2xl
  • Avatar image


React Dashboard Builder

  • Just added configuration options for the Chakra UI Card. You can edit:
  • Card size: sm | md | lg
  • Card type: Elevated | Outline | Filled


Website Update


Website Update



  • Fix account details update: GitHub.



  • Fix contenteditable issue on Safari.
  • Add new template for landing pages:
  • sites-landing-2



  • Now you have the option to search through a large variety of images, so you can quickly adapt your site content. See a short demo here:
  • sites-change-text



  • Fix last template mask change issue.
  • Fix color change on white and dark texts.



  • Now you can fast and easily change your site texts by simply clicking on them.
  • sites-change-text
  • Fix selection overlap on texts



  • Social zone update: Now you can change the social icon type direclty from the configurator using the select dropdown
  • sites-redo-revert



  • Now you have the possibility to revert and redo changes
  • sites-redo-revert
  • General bux fixes



  • Fix profile image upload fit issue.
  • Add auto save function on projects.



  • New portfolio template:
  • portfolio-template
  • New profile template:
  • profile-template



  • Fix background image change functionality overlay.
  • Fix preview site fonts.
  • Presentation page changes: Sites.
  • Now you can change the background mask opacity. See how it works:
  • loopple-add-team-members




  • Now you can change background images.
  • Now you can add aditional social links + website.


Website Update


  • Fix templates typography.
  • Add new profile template: Check here.
  • Add animations on templates components.


Website Update


Builder & Website Update

  • Now you can invite team member on the Loopple Team Lifetime plan. See how it works bellow:
  • loopple-add-team-members
  • We added the option to change the background image of components:
  • loopple-change-bg-image


Builder Update


Builder & Website Updates

  • Add option to upload images:
  • Add new charts for Asteria Dashboard: Chart Bar Stacked, Chart Sales, Chart Intrest, Chart Social.


Builder & Website Updates


Builder & Website Updates

  • Add support for modifying SVG icons. (Available in Soft UI Dashboard, Asteria Dashboard and Soft UI Design System).
  • Fix sidebar close on mobile/tablet for Argon Dashboard.
  • Templates Updates:
  • New design for templates page.
  • Now you can duplicate templates.
  • Now you can test responsive directly in template page.
  • See an example of updated template example here.


Builder Update

  • Add support for importing Excel Tables (available for Argon Dashboard, Soft UI Dashboard, Asteria Dashboard, and Adminkit Dashboard).
  • See how it works in this video: https://bit.ly/3wLlfuG


Builder Update

  • Add "Show duplicate element" option
  • See how it works on the image bellow:

  • Settings available here.


Builder Update

  • Fix builder scroll overflow.
  • Fix builder 'Project saved' notification position not to cover the save button.
  • Small design changes.


Website Update

  • New templates examples (30 available now): loopple.com/templates
  • Add number of download to templates: loopple.com/templates.
  • New components for Argon Dashboard: Card Stats Connected, Section Projects Analytics, Card Job Post, Card User Details, Card Carousel.


Website Update

  • New templates examples (28 available now): loopple.com/templates
  • Add option to download template directly from template page. Example here.


Website Update


Website Update


Builder Update

  • Fix Samples Download Error.
  • New components for Soft UI Design System: card real estate, navbar with right content & button, header real estate, header blog, feature with 4 cards


Builder Update

  • Fix Google Auth Register error.
  • Add Authentication sections for Soft UI Design System.
  • New components for Soft UI Design System:
  • Header blog navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Simple Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Illustration Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Image Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Card Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign Up Illustration Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign Up Image Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign Up Card Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 4 cards Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 3 cards and Pagination Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 3 posts and Image Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 5 Articles Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image


Builder & Website Update

  • Fix website builder change page issue.
  • Add website builder presentation page: Check here.


Builder Update

  • Fix elements that removes on color change: https://github.com/Loopple/loopple/issues/10.
  • New components for Soft UI Design System:
  • Navbar transparent navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Navbar blur navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with carousel navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with blur card and image navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with images navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with search input navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Feature with projects navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Logo area with colored icons navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image


Website Updates

  • Add Landing Page Builder
  • Soft UI Design System (check here).


Builder & Website Updates

  • Add Loopple Blog -> check here.
  • Change the way you can change elements classes: card-collapse


Builder Update

  • Add option to change navbar color to white.
  • New components for Argon Dashboard:
  • Navbar with text, buttons and profile image navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sidebar with rounded icons sidebar-rounded-icons
  • Card account card-account
  • Card balance card-balance
  • Card list group card-list-group
  • Card collapse card-collapse


Builder Update

  • Add more editable colors:
  • Light Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Dark Color
  • Primary Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Info Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Warning Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Danger Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Success Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Dark Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Light Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Secondary Gradients (Left and Right)


Builder Update

  • Add theme color changer, currently available for:
  • Body Color
  • Primary Color
  • Info Color
  • Success Color
  • Warning Color
  • Danger Color
  • View tutorial here.
  • Navbar changes
  • Add Loopple's official Discord server


Builder Update

  • Add option to change the background image of elements
  • Fix builder sidebar
  • New Components for Asteria Dashboard
  • Sidebar Music
  • Navbar Breadcrumb
  • Components: Badge, Alert, Carousel


Builder & Themes Page update

  • Add Builder Settings with the "Show code editor" option
  • See how it works on the image bellow:

  • Settings available here.
  • Theme Page
  • Add general details of the theme: Theme framework, number of components and number of projects made with the theme
  • General design changes


Builder update

  • Add Builder Full Grid option (col-12) - Bootstrap
  • Add new theme - Asteria Dashboard (check here)
  • Edit themes presentation page


Builder & Samples update

  • Add linking buttons (3 types: default, open link in new tab, emailto)
  • Add complex Wallet Dashboard - 6 pages (check here)
  • New components for Argon Dashboard (Card Image, Card Balance, Table Authors, Table Sell)