Loopple Changelog

Find out the latest releases and changes made on Loopple


Builder & Website Update

  • Now you can invite team member on the Loopple Team Lifetime plan. See how it works bellow:
  • loopple-add-team-members
  • We added the option to change the background image of components:
  • loopple-change-bg-image


Builder Update


Builder & Website Updates

  • Add option to upload images:
  • Add new charts for Asteria Dashboard: Chart Bar Stacked, Chart Sales, Chart Intrest, Chart Social.


Builder & Website Updates


Builder & Website Updates

  • Add support for modifying SVG icons. (Available in Soft UI Dashboard, Asteria Dashboard and Soft UI Design System).
  • Fix sidebar close on mobile/tablet for Argon Dashboard.
  • Templates Updates:
  • New design for templates page.
  • Now you can duplicate templates.
  • Now you can test responsive directly in template page.
  • See an example of updated template example here.


Builder Update

  • Add support for importing Excel Tables (available for Argon Dashboard, Soft UI Dashboard, Asteria Dashboard, and Adminkit Dashboard).
  • See how it works in this video: https://bit.ly/3wLlfuG


Builder Update

  • Add "Show duplicate element" option
  • See how it works on the image bellow:

  • Settings available here.


Builder Update

  • Fix builder scroll overflow.
  • Fix builder 'Project saved' notification position not to cover the save button.
  • Small design changes.


Website Update

  • New templates examples (30 available now): loopple.com/templates
  • Add number of download to templates: loopple.com/templates.
  • New components for Argon Dashboard: Card Stats Connected, Section Projects Analytics, Card Job Post, Card User Details, Card Carousel.


Website Update

  • New templates examples (28 available now): loopple.com/templates
  • Add option to download template directly from template page. Example here.


Website Update


Website Update


Builder Update

  • Fix Samples Download Error.
  • New components for Soft UI Design System: card real estate, navbar with right content & button, header real estate, header blog, feature with 4 cards


Builder Update

  • Fix Google Auth Register error.
  • Add Authentication sections for Soft UI Design System.
  • New components for Soft UI Design System:
  • Header blog navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Simple Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Illustration Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Image Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign In Card Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign Up Illustration Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign Up Image Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sign Up Card Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 4 cards Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 3 cards and Pagination Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 3 posts and Image Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Blog with 5 Articles Section navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image


Builder & Website Update

  • Fix website builder change page issue.
  • Add website builder presentation page: Check here.


Builder Update

  • Fix elements that removes on color change: https://github.com/Loopple/loopple/issues/10.
  • New components for Soft UI Design System:
  • Navbar transparent navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Navbar blur navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with carousel navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with blur card and image navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with images navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Headers with search input navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Feature with projects navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Logo area with colored icons navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image


Website Updates

  • Add Landing Page Builder
  • Soft UI Design System (check here).


Builder & Website Updates

  • Add Loopple Blog -> check here.
  • Change the way you can change elements classes: card-collapse


Builder Update

  • Add option to change navbar color to white.
  • New components for Argon Dashboard:
  • Navbar with text, buttons and profile image navbar-with-text-buttons-and-profile-image
  • Sidebar with rounded icons sidebar-rounded-icons
  • Card account card-account
  • Card balance card-balance
  • Card list group card-list-group
  • Card collapse card-collapse


Builder Update

  • Add more editable colors:
  • Light Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Dark Color
  • Primary Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Info Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Warning Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Danger Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Success Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Dark Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Light Gradients (Left and Right)
  • Secondary Gradients (Left and Right)


Builder Update

  • Add theme color changer, currently available for:
  • Body Color
  • Primary Color
  • Info Color
  • Success Color
  • Warning Color
  • Danger Color
  • View tutorial here.
  • Navbar changes
  • Add Loopple's official Discord server


Builder Update

  • Add option to change the background image of elements
  • Fix builder sidebar
  • New Components for Asteria Dashboard
  • Sidebar Music
  • Navbar Breadcrumb
  • Components: Badge, Alert, Carousel


Builder & Themes Page update

  • Add Builder Settings with the "Show code editor" option
  • See how it works on the image bellow:

  • Settings available here.
  • Theme Page
  • Add general details of the theme: Theme framework, number of components and number of projects made with the theme
  • General design changes


Builder update

  • Add Builder Full Grid option (col-12) - Bootstrap
  • Add new theme - Asteria Dashboard (check here)
  • Edit themes presentation page


Builder & Samples update

  • Add linking buttons (3 types: default, open link in new tab, emailto)
  • Add complex Wallet Dashboard - 6 pages (check here)
  • New components for Argon Dashboard (Card Image, Card Balance, Table Authors, Table Sell)